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Matt Kline started Kline Family Caretaking based on his own personal experience of watching his family members age and struggle to maintain their home. While growing up in Northern Minnesota, he learned at a young age, the appreciation his grandmother had in having family close by to care for her house and yard so she could stay in her home into her 90’s.  In more recent years his family had a shared goal of helping to allow his father-in-law Carl stay in his home through his golden years and Matt helped as much as he could by checking on the important things. All the while making sure Carl’s pride and dignity was maintained by helping guide some of the projects he so used to enjoy performing himself. 

If you are in need of regular help from a caring trusted person, please contact Matt at Kline Family Caretaking. 

If you are in need of help to care for your loved ones, want to remove the worries of maintaining their home and to ensure they are not taken advantage of, please contact us at Kline Family Caretaking.

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Matt Kline | MN License # BC753394
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