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Join Us!

At Kline Family Caretaking, we choose to work with high-integrity individuals who believe in taking care of our clients and making sure we leave a positive, memorable impression on everyone we meet. This isn’t always easy to do, so we are selective in finding the right people to join our family.
Kline Family Caretaking has made a commitment to invest in both the personal happiness and professional growth in ways other employers can only dream of doing. No lip service here–we are a different kind of employer who takes care of our team, just as much as we care for our clients.
If you want to take your skills and find a long-term relationship with a company who will exceed your expectations, you have found the right place. If you are just looking for a “job,” we would be happy to have you as a client instead.
Reach out to us and see how we’re different!

Julie & Matt Kline
Managing Partners, Kline Family Caretaking